“John Gaffney, Music & Liturgy, Compositions & Workshops” is dedicated to assisting Roman Catholic dioceses, parishes, worshiping communities in achieving the authentic liturgical/musical vision of Vatican Council II (as documented in “Sacrosanctum Concilium”) through published choral & liturgical music, catechetical resources and workshops/lectures by John Gaffney.

Gia Publications has finally included a recording of John’s simple, yet noble setting of the “Song of Farewell” appointed to be sung during the incensation of the body during the Funeral Mass (all too often this rich theological, official sung text is replaced with another song…let us sing the liturgy)! Preview score and listen to recording.

Resources Page (**NEW**) includes “Liturgical Catechesis Short Posts” series and resources for the use of Latin in the Novus Ordo and singing the Proper of Mass, including catechetical & review articles, quotes from canons, official church documents and collections of liturgical music!

The Workshops Page has been updated with detailed information about the three most popular workshops John Gaffney has created and presented! These three workshops are also on topics that are the most misunderstood in the Roman Church and each workshop is guaranteed to lead any diocese, parish, worshiping community, to celebrate more authentic, noble and prayerful Roman liturgy!

Elevate your parish to more authentic, noble and prayerful Roman liturgy at the completely free, catechetical web resource: foretasteofheaven.org!

John Gaffney’s simple yet noble, modal, plainchant, a capella, extremely accessible setting of the “Song of Farewell” (“Order of Christian Funerals” text) is available for preview and purchase at GIA Publications, Inc. No more replacing the sung appointed text with another “song!”

To pray for all those who are suffering with COVID-19, John would like to offer free scores (with reprint permission for your choir/schola) of his choral anthem, “Prayer to Mary in Times of Distress”. Listen and Request a Free Score with Reprint Permission!

John Gaffney’s new choral setting of, “Ubi Caritas” (the appointed text for offertory on “Holy Thursday of the Lord’s Supper”) is now available for listening.

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